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Guidelines for Delivery Services

OLD HIPPY is very pleased to offer it's blanket wrapped delivery service to all our valued customers. One of the benefits of having OLD HIPPY deliver your new furniture is that we can include complete assembly as well as a comprehensive explanation of the care and maintenance. In an effort to keep delivery costs down OLD HIPPY has created guidelines and cost saving measures that will assure you are as prepared as possible when the delivery arrives.

All delivery charges are finalized once the delivery is complete and time and effort is assessed. If the retail store has agreed to pay a portion of the delivery charge it will be stated on your original sales receipt. If there are extended costs you will be asked to pay the difference.

Additional charges may apply in the following circumstances; if furniture is to be carried up or down stairs, on elevators, more than a minimal distance, the removal and / or setup of doors, moldings, banisters, windows, old furniture,...etc.; if you are not prepared, it may be your responsibility to handle arrangements for the placement of your furniture. This is at the discretion of the OLD HIPPY delivery staff. Old Hippy staff will not be responsible for damage of any kind that may result when moving furniture during set-up and delivery.

All deliveries made by OLD HIPPY are during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8am - 4:30pm). Time of your delivery will be quoted as either morning (8am - noon) or afternoon (12pm - 4:30pm). If a delivery is missed by the customer causing the truck to return this will result in a charge to that customer for the waiting time plus a second delivery charge.

OLD HIPPY is willing to accept any of the following forms of payment; cash, cheques and credit cards.(Visa or Mastercard). If you choose to pay your balance with a credit card you will be asked to verify the card number over the phone prior to delivery for a pre authorization. You will also need to be present at the time of the delivery, in order for the OLD HIPPY delivery staff to obtain an imprint of the card, and your signature, otherwise a credit card cannot be used for the payment of a final balance.

Delivery Rates

$125.00 Minimum charge (upon arrival 15 minutes of delivery service is included)
$75.00 per hour or $1.25 per minute (will be charged beyond 15 minutes)
$2.00 per kilometer (if distance is greater than 25 km from delivery depot)

Warranty Note

* Furniture is covered by warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship in normal use for the period of one year from the original purchase date.
Note: Transportation to and from Old Hippy for warranty or other wise or in any case is the responsibility of the customer.

*To confirm delivery or make arrangements please email delivery@oldhippy.com