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Furniture Care and Tips

Mission Bed- An application of Lemon Oil every six months is highly recommended. (Top & Bottom)

- Finished furniture will be damaged by using glass cleaner on it's surface. The ammonia in such products will chemically attack the lacquer.

- DO NOT use commercial waxes or polishes.

- Wipe up all spills immediately.

- Potted plants and fish tanks on table tops may cause water stains.

- Clean furniture by wiping with a soft cloth dampened with water. When necessary, use a mild soap solution and wipe clean with water. Dry with a clean, dry cloth.

- When cleaning or oiling, always rub in the direction of the wood's grain.

- Wood furniture and their finishes may be affected by excessive sunlight, moisture and extreme changes in temperature.

- To avoid scratches, pads are recommended when placing objects on finished furniture.

- Do not cover your wood products with any rubber or vinyl pads. The chemicals in some of these materials may leave a stain.

- Scratches and small marks can be repaired with with touch up sticks obtained from your local hardware store.

About our Finished Product

Old Hippy does not alter the wood's natural colour or characteristics. For this reason knots, mineral streaks and tree growth irregularities have been deliberately included in the manufacturing process to ensure the authenticity of the finished product.

Old Hippy offers quality stain matching and every effort is made to assure a good match. Due to aging and variations in natural wood colour however, matches cannot be guaranteed 100%.

*Please note: Catalog items finished using signature house brand stains may be eligible for exchange. Based on resale qualifications however, we are not in a position to offer this advantage with stain matches or custom orders.

Old Hippy FAQ's

Wood Species Used
- Eastern White Pine, New England Colour Sorted Red Oak, Eastern White Maple, Eastern Select White Birch & FAS American Red Cherry

- Handmade piece by piece using glue and screws - not staples
- All solid wood panels used in over 90% of furniture construction
- Dovetail drawers are made of solid wood with grooved bottoms and rollers
- Veneers used only on cabinet backs, drawer bottoms and table skirt bendings

- Final hand sanding before staining
- High quality stains are hand brush applied

- Sprayed lacquer finish - hand scuffing between coats
- ML Campbell lacquers, post catalyst Durovar Plus flattened to 15% sheen
- ML Campbell resistant enamel colour lacquers

- Round or octagonal tables over 48" in diameter require larger pedestals
- Tables less than 60" long when closed will not accommodate double trestle pedestals
- Tables 72" or more in length including the leaves require a split or double pedestal

- Furniture is covered by warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship in normal use for the period of one year from the original purchase date
Note: Transportation to and from Old Hippy for warranty or other wise or in any case is the responsibility of the customer.

- Applicable taxes will be added to the catalogue prices
- Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice
- All orders require a 25% deposit
- No unauthorized returns will be accepted (if authorized a 25% restocking fee is applicable)

Furniture Tips