Old Hippy Wood Products

Building Tomorrow's Antiques Today.

Handmade Since 1990

Mission BedWe love our work and work hard to create beautiful solid wood furniture. Our selection offers something to suit any environment our customers can create for themselves. The high standards that we demand of ourselves are your assurance that every piece created at Old Hippy will stand the test of time.

Exceptional materials are essential for the creation of superior solid wood furniture. Old Hippy carefully selects wood with the specific qualities necessary to make your furniture a timeless treasure.

Master craftsmen are involved in every step of the process from selecting and preparing the boards to precise joining for excellent quality and durability.

Old Hippy's cabinets are constructed with solid-wood tops, fronts, gables (sides), drawer boxes, shelves and cabinet frames. Our high standards ensure the value of your furniture for generations to come.

Old Hippy furniture is built to last many lifetimes. Our designs and joinery allow for the expansion and contraction as humidity changes. Premium hardware ensures long life and ease of all moving parts.

The finishing of our furniture is equally important. Each piece is hand-sanded and stained. A post-catalyst lacquer enhances, preserves and protects your furniture's beauty.

Every piece of furniture undergoes a detailed inspection before receiving the Old Hippy stamp - your guarantee of excellent craftsmanship. We encourage you to add your own family stamp to ours so your future generations can appreciate your wisdom of investing in a superior product.

This is Old Hippy Quality.